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Are you a parent who has experienced trauma and is now raising a neurodiverse child? Have you ever wondered how to navigate the challenges and joys that come with it? In today’s podcast episode, we discuss how to overcome the challenges of parenting a neurodiverse child while addressing your own trauma with my special guest, Dayna Abraham. Dayna is a parenting educator and author of the book “Calm the Chaos.” 

She shares her personal journey as a parent of a neurodiverse child and how she discovered the transformative effects of shifting her mindset and questioning traditional forms of parenting. Dayna reveals how reframing can lead to positive changes in our lives and relationships with our children but that’s not all! We also talk about her book “Calm the Chaos,” her failproof roadmap for parenting, and how it helps parents handle challenges proactively instead of reacting in the moment. If you want to learn more about different strategies to improve your relationship with your neurodiverse child, today’s episode is for you!

More about Dayna Abraham:

Dayna Abraham, bestselling author of The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day and Sensory Processing 101, is on a mission to create a more accepting world, one challenging kid at a time. Her latest book, Calm the Chaos: A Failproof Roadmap for Parenting Even the Most Challenging Kids will be released in August.

As a National Board Certified educator, parent of three neurodivergent children, and an ADHD adult herself, Dayna brings a unique and out-of-the-box perspective to parents raising kids in the modern world. She is the founder of the popular parenting website Lemon Lime Adventures, which has accumulated more than forty-one million viewers in less than seven years. Through her compassionate framework, Calm the Chaos, she has helped millions of desperate parents around the world, find peace and meet their children where they’re at when conventional parenting tools have failed them.

With a weekly reach of more than 1.2 million people on social media, and more than two hundred thousand parents attending her Calm the Chaos free workshop, she has become a proven and trusted leader in the parenting community. Her work has been showcased in HuffPost, Scary Mommy, BuzzFeed, ADDitude Magazine, and Positive Parenting Solutions. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her three amazing children, her husband, Jason, and two huge Newfoundland puppies, Luna and Koda.


Topics covered on PTSD Parenting Your Neurodiverse Child:

  • Dana’s journey as a post-traumatic parent and how she integrated it into her parenting values.
  • How does Dana’s book “Calm the Chaos” provide a neurologically and neurodevelopmentally informed approach to parenting?
  • Dana speaks about navigating internal distractions, such as PTSD, while dealing with external factors like parenting challenges.
  • Addressing your trauma while raising a neurodiverse child. 
  • How does Dana help parents who raise neurodiverse children and feel conflicted when traditional parenting approaches contradict their values?
  • The four key elements for approaching any parenting situation.
  • What strategies can you use to get ahead of the moment and handle parenting challenges proactively?
  • What strategies can we use to help neurodiverse children overcome challenges and make information more concrete?
  • How to empower neurodiverse children to take control of their own motivation and learn to hack their own brains?
  • Practical tips for balancing personal goals, parenting, and other responsibilities.
  • How can parents overcome shame and approach challenges with a mindset of curiosity?
  • What strategies can be employed to make complex information more accessible and easily digestible for neurodivergent individuals?


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