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When we as post-traumatic parents, come to the realization of how our traumas impact our parenting, we get anxious and try to get better quickly because we realize how much our children depend on us. Speeding out your trauma recovery is an often discussed topic in the Post Traumatic Parenting community. Members often ask me about self-healing approaches that could be used between therapy sessions to turbocharge their therapy.


That’s why for today’s podcast episode, I invited Dr. Kate Truitt to talk about havening and how to use it to heal your trauma, and soothe yourself when you get triggered. Tune in as we talk about what is havening, what are the four havening techniques, why havening is a perfect technique for post-traumatic parents, how to use it to reprogram your brain, and so much more!


Note: We experienced some internet connection issues during the recording, which led to some distortion and breaking in the audio in some parts of the interview. Although we weren’t completely happy with the sound quality, we decided to release the episode anyway because we felt that Dr. Truitt shared so much value in her insights that we didn’t want to keep them from you. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

More about Dr. Kate Truitt:

Dr. Truitt is an applied neuroscientist and a clinical psychologist. She has an MBA in healthcare administration and has dedicated her life to advancing the treatment of trauma and stress-related disorders. She leads her flagship clinic, Dr. Kate Truitt and Associates headquartered in the beautiful old town of Pasadena.


She is the CEO of the Trauma Counseling Center with offices throughout Los Angeles. Dr. Truitt is an expert in havening. She trains both clinicians and patients and people all over the world in this technique. Havening is a fantastic technique for the post-traumatic parenting community. She’s also the author of a brand new book, healing In Your Hands, which we’re gonna be talking about today.


In this episode, we chat about:

  • What is Havening and how it works
  • How Havening directly accesses the amygdala 
  • What makes Havening a perfect method for post-traumatic parents
  • What is the amygdala’s role in your body and how does it keep you safe
  • How I used to use dissociation as coping mechanism until my kids noticed
  • How to actively manage your triggers
  • Dr. Truitt shares common trauma myths people ask her about all the time
  • How to reprogram your brain when you get triggered
  • Healing your traumas is not a linear process
  • What most people misunderstand about the neuroplasticity of our brains
  • What is Dr. Truitt’s book about and who it was written for
  • How to use emotional co-regulation with your children
  • Dr. Truitt shares supportive tools from her book for post-traumatic parents


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