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Welcome to another exciting episode of the Post-Traumatic Parenting podcast! In today’s podcast episode, I’m joined by Stephanie Chandler, the founder of the Nonfiction Authors Association. I recently attended her conference and when I heard her unique post-traumatic parenting story I knew I had to share it with you all because I love bringing post-traumatic parents on the podcast so that we can hear real-life Post-Traumatic stories. Stephanie is someone I admire a lot, she turned her trauma into a superpower, while remaining a conscious, present parent. Tune in as we talk about Stephanie’s story, how she suddenly lost her husband and became a single parent, how to process grief when you lose a loved one, what is grief hijack, different ways to process your trauma, and managing trauma while parenting a traumatized child. 


More about Stephanie Chandler:

Stephanie Chandler is the founder of the Nonfiction Authors Association and Nonfiction Writers Conference, and author of several books including The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan and The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan. Stephanie is also a post-traumatic sole parent who is raising her son after the death by suicide of her husband. Stephanie’s story speaks to the incredible ways trauma and entrepreneurship can feed each other. Stephanie is a frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, she has been featured in Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, and Wired magazine. Visit to learn more.


In this episode, we chat about:

  • Stephanie shares how she suddenly lost her husband
  • The difference between being a single parent and an only parent
  • A missing male figure in Stephanie’s son’s life
  • When should you seek professional help with processing your grief
  • What is a grief hijack
  • Stephanie’s journey of starting the Nonfiction Authors Association
  • How did Stephanie hack her trauma and turned into a superpower
  • Different ways to process your trauma
  • How to supercharge your therapy
  • What motivated me to become a psychologist
  • Suicide is not selfish, and depression is not only in your head
  • Stephanie’s son’s reaction to his dad passing
  • What they don’t teach you in school about business
  • Stephanie shares how she started her first writers’ conference 
  • Tips on writing a book, building a platform, and finding an agent
  • Turning your fear into a helpful friend
  • Why post-traumatic parents are the world’s natural entrepreneurs


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More about Post Traumatic Parenting:

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