Hi, I’m Dr. Robyn Koslowitz, and I teach people about Post-Traumatic Growth. As a PTSD survivor myself, clinical psychologist, and trauma expert, I speak from a position of both insider and expert. 

I am the founder of the Post-Traumatic Parenting supportive community on Instagram and LinkedIn, and the host of the Post-Traumatic Parenting podcast. You can find the podcast here (insert clickable link)

My highly engaging, participatory workshops on Post-Traumatic Parenting, Post-Traumatic Growth, and the AIMTM Model for overcoming trauma have been featured in events nationally, internationally, and on global virtual platforms. I was the keynote speaker for Microsoft’s recent Globalizing Education conference. We talked about how adults can manage stress and “big emotions” so they can teach children to do the same.

Topics include:

  • Parental Burnout
  • Mompreneurship
  • Post-Traumatic Growth
  • Hacking Our Trauma into Superpowers
  • Post-Traumatic Parenting
  • Toy Hacking: How to Parent Through Play
  • The AIMTM Model: Acceptance, Integration and Mission – How to Achieve Post-Traumatic Growth

Speaker Reel

In addition, I am a school culture transformation expert, specializing in helping administrators, parents, and students change the school culture by emphasizing social and emotional health.

Let’s face it – kids can learn facts anywhere. School is about learning to collaborate well with others, manage conflict, and handle daily stress. The successful adults of the future won’t be judged on their ability to master math and science facts, they’ll be evaluated based on their ability to be innovative, creative, and work well with others. 

I achieve school transformations by educating administrators, teachers, students, and parents so they’re all educated about social and emotional learning, all using the same language, and all bought in to the same mission.

Topics include:

  • Covid Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress-OUT – Managing Our Stress to Help Kids Manage Theirs
  • Adults Are Just Grown-Up Kids: Understanding Ourselves to Understand Them
  • Making the Hidden Curriculum Explicit