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What Is Targeted Parenting™?

Targeted Parenting™ is a twelve-week, evidence based series of parenting classes that combines best practices in parenting research, research on neurodevelopment and temperament theory, neuroplasticity research, and behavior change theory to create parenting classes that are targeted to specific types of children.

How Do You Know It Works?

Targeted Parenting™ is based on fifteen years of research and development, which included outcome measures showing that the program creates lasting benefits. Dr. Koslowitz was originally trained in program development, research, and psychotherapy at NYU’s Steinhardt School, where she obtained a Ph.D. in School/Clinical Child Psychology. The techniques taught in Targeted Parenting™ are evidence-based, and have been shown to work, specifically for members of various diverse communities. Dr. Koslowitz is the co-developer of the C-CAM model (Core Cultural Assumptions Model) for modifying parenting interventions for use with any community, which means the intervention has cultural modifications for any community built in.

What Is The Back-story Behind The Classes?

Since 2002, Dr. Koslowitz worked in various school psychology and clinical therapy positions. She realized that parents often come to therapy when educational intervention is warranted. Had parents been aware of their child’s unique neurodevelopmental, social, and emotional profile, and learned how to work on it, the problems that led them into therapy would never have become so extensive.

It was difficult for Dr. Koslowitz to see people wasting their therapy time and money learning skills that could have been taught in a more economical and educational fashion. Dr. Koslowitz originally developed Targeted Parenting™ as a pre-treatment and waiting list intervention, so that while parents were waiting for a therapy slot, they could learn these skills. More importantly, parents would learn how to understand their children’s unique profiles, understand what motivates them and how they think, so that they could benefit from therapy when it became available.

However, Dr. Koslowitz discovered that many parents found that the classes were enough. Once they learned the Targeted Parenting™ skills, psychotherapy was no longer warranted, or if it was warranted, it was significantly shortened. She realized that people could save a lot of money, time, and heartache by learning the Targeted Parenting™ skills in a group setting.

How Is Targeted Parenting™ Different From Therapy?

Targeted Parenting™ is not therapy. It is a non-clinical, educational intervention. By learning to understand their child’s unique profile, parents can learn to not only deal with behavioral problems, but hack the child’s greatest challenges into superpowers. Therapy is about fixing a problem using clinical skills. Targeted Parenting™ is about educating parents to understand the best approach to parenting their child’s unique profile so that problems don’t develop. If a child is already experiencing challenges, Targeted Parenting™ teaches parents skills to help the child overcome those challenges.

How Is Targeted Parenting™ Different From Other Parenting Classes?

Targeted Parenting™ is not a relaxing, inspiring support group. Participants are learning real, hands-on skills and practicing them at home. Targeted Parenting™ requires commitment to learn, practice, and maintain the skills. Parenting classes make better mothers, and that is a wonderful thing. Targeted Parenting™ helps mothers help their children to be their best. You can take a Targeted Parenting™ class at the same time that you take a parenting class, since these two approaches can work together. Of course, you can take a Targeted Parenting™ class while your child is in therapy, as Targeted Parenting™ is meant to enhance therapy.

Sample Classes

In this clip, Dr. Koslowitz introduces the TARGET System.

Targeted Parenting isn’t arbitrarily named. The word TARGET is an acronym for how we accomplish what we accomplish. Watch this video as Dr. Koslowitz explains the concepts summarized in the TARGET acronym.

The TAR aspect of our approach is all about why our children behave the way they do. TAR stands for Theory, Antecedent Analysis, and Rewards and Reinforcers. Which software came pre-installed? Which life experiences taught them to behave the way they do, and what cements that behavior in place? TAR tells us why the child acts the way he does.
The “GET” strategies; Goal-Directed Behavior, Educate for Effectiveness, and Train It In — are what you “get” out of Targeted Parenting™. These are the strategies that allow us to change our children’s behavior, and to establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

In this clip, Dr. Koslowitz explains how to teach our children about levels of energy in communication.

There’s a Goldilocks principle when communicating – we want to use just the right amount of energy to get our message across or our request fulfilled.  This clip also demonstrates how Dr. Koslowitz uses children’s literature to explain very complex concepts on a level that both a four-year-old child and a thirty-four-year-old adult can benefit from and enjoy.

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