Meet Dr. Robyn Koslowitz, Ph.D.

Dr. Koslowitz received her Ph.D. in Clinical Child Psychology from New York University in 2009.

Dr. Koslowitz has been working as a licensed school psychologist since 2002, and as a licensed clinical psychologist since 2017 (NJ License # 5751).

While at NYU, Dr. Koslowitz was privileged to serve as a research assistant to such prominent professors as Dr. Ester Buchholz (author of books on child psychotherapy); Dr. Carol Gilligan (whose book In A Different Voice revolutionized the psychology of women and adolescent girls) and Dr. Sandee McClowry (whose research on Temperament Based Teaching and Parenting pioneered empirically validated temperament based parenting programs).


Dr. Koslowitz is a frequent media contributor who has appeared on Fox, CNN, NewsNation, and other shows. She has been featured in articles on  CNN,, Bustle, National Geographic,, and many others.

Dr. Robyn Koslowitz is the educational director of the Targeted Parenting™ Institute.

Targeted Parenting™ is a parenting system that uses empirically validated techniques to train parents and children to overcome various disorders of childhood in a preventative fashion, in order to minimize or avoid later expensive psychotherapy. Targeted Parenting™ is available as a webinar, a teleconference, as well as in-person classes.

Targeted Parenting™ courses currently exist for:

The Highly Reactive Child

The Careful Child

The Socially Ineffective Child

The Disorganized/Distractible Child

The Moody Child

The Bold Child

The Traumatized Child

The Adolescent

Parenting After You’ve Lost a Parent


Dr. Koslowitz’s clinical work is conducted through The Center for Psychological Growth of New Jersey.

Dr. Koslowitz is the clinical director of that practice. The Center for Psychological Growth of New Jersey treats children, adolescents, and families using various evidence-based approaches. The Center also provides psychological evaluations.

You can reach The Center for Psychological Growth’s confidential voice-mail box at: 732-364-3111.
For confidential inquiries regarding clinical matters, please email:


Dr. Koslowitz is also a columnist for Binah magazine.

You can read her column, Prescriptive Parenting, bi-weekly. You can also read her column “Shrink/Grow: The Psychology of Weight Loss”, which appears seasonally. Dr. Koslowitz is also the author of numerous feature columns in Binah each year.


Dr. Koslowitz’s dissertation research focused on understanding multicultural parenting decision making.

Her research on the Core Cultural Assumptions Model (C-CAM) has been used to culturally modify intervention programs for use with many multicultural communities. Dr. Koslowitz has presented her research and workshops at universities, hospitals, schools, and communities across the country and internationally.


Dr. Koslowitz’s Targeted Teaching™ seminars have been presented in schools across the country.

She frequently is asked to present as an in-service day trainer, a consultant, or as a scholar in residence. Her high-octane, fast-paced and interactive workshops are sought after by teachers who want to know how to target their teaching to better assist various children in their classrooms.

Dr. Koslowitz is also a mom who tries to practice what she teaches in her Targeted Parenting™ classes!

She lives in New Jersey with her husband and children.
You can reach Dr. Koslowitz’s clinical office at: 732-364-3111.
For parenting class inquiries, please email:
For confidential inquiries regarding psychotherapy or an evaluation, please email:

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