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Healing from childhood trauma is at the heart of today’s podcast episode, where I sit down with Brandi Cox, author of “In Better Hands: An Appalachian Memoir of Healing and Grace.” Brandi’s raw and inspiring narrative, released just this year, offers a beacon of hope to anyone navigating the aftermath of a turbulent past. 

As a debut author, she shares her compelling desire to use her story as a catalyst for change, providing insight into the possibility of breaking free from the chains of generational curses. Join us as we dive into the essence of Brandi’s journey, exploring the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of sharing one’s truth. 

This episode is filled with candid conversations that will not only enlighten but also embolden you to believe in the dawn that follows the darkest of nights. So, if you’re seeking a sign of hope or a reminder that healing is within reach, this conversation with Brandi Cox is an essential listen.


More about Brandi Cox:

Brandi Cox is the author of the book, In Better Hands: An Appalachian Journey Memoir of Healing and Grace. It’s her first book and it was released on January 16th, 2024. She uses memories from her past to discuss how addiction, adoption, death, and suicide affected her life’s trajectory. Through her path of forgiveness and understanding, she realized she was exactly where and with whom she was supposed to be.


Topics covered on Healing from Childhood Trauma:

  1. Brandi Cox’s memoir about overcoming and healing from childhood trauma.
  2. How did Brandi navigate knowing her birth father but being raised by her grandparents?
  3. What challenges did Brandi face when transitioning into motherhood given her past?
  4. How has Brandi’s approach to parenting been shaped by her own experiences?
  5. What drove Brandi to seek counseling, and how did it help her heal from childhood trauma?
  6. How did cultural and regional attitudes shape Brandi’s experience with mental health?
  7. What revelations or unexpected memories surfaced while writing her memoir?


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“You can break the generational curses if you’re able and willing to put in the work and time to help heal yourself first.” – Brandi Cox


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