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Welcome to a very special episode of the Post Traumatic Parenting podcast! I’m so excited about today’s episode because I had the chance to sit down with Kimberly Shannon Murphy, an incredible stuntwoman and gifted author of the book Glimmer

In our conversation, we dove deep into the profound impact of generational trauma and post-traumatic parenting. Kimberly opened up about her personal journey of overcoming incest and how this experience shaped her life and approach to motherhood. This episode is not just about survival but also about breaking cycles of generational abuse and forging a new path for our children and future generations. While we do touch on sensitive topics, our conversation is ultimately one of resilience, healing, and hope. 

Whether you’re taking your first steps toward healing or you’re further along on your path, joining us today could be a pivotal point in your own narrative. Tune in, and perhaps even ignite the spark for your personal healing journey.


Topics covered on Healing From Generational Trauma:

  1. How did Kimberly’s experiences with abuse shape her journey into motherhood, and what does she share in her memoir “Glimmer”?
  2. What were the biggest challenges Kimberly faced when trying to parent her daughter?
  3. Breaking the cycle of generational trauma and providing a healthier childhood for our children.
  4. The body memories and the physical aspects of trauma in our everyday lives and on parenting.
  5. How can we reclaim our bodies and lives after experiencing trauma?
  6. The power of sharing personal stories in generational trauma.
  7. How does the concept of forgiveness play a role in healing from generational trauma, and is it necessary for everyone?
  8. How can we use our trauma as a springboard for growth and healing, rather than letting it define us?


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