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Are you navigating the challenging waters of post-traumatic parenting of middle school children? Today, I sit down with Nik Bowers, a former middle school principal and fellow post-traumatic parent. We dive deep into our personal experiences of overcoming trauma and how it has shaped our approach to parenting. We discuss the importance of being ‘cycle breakers’—striving to provide our children with healthier childhoods than we had.

Nik shares her powerful story of surviving child sexual abuse and how she used her pain as a catalyst for change in her parenting style. We also delve into the critical role of teaching middle schoolers about relationships, emotions, and problem-solving. We share practical tips on how to foster authentic relationships with your kids and why it’s essential to model problem-solving skills. Plus, we reveal exciting projects to help parents and children learn together.

This episode is a must-listen for any parent seeking to understand and improve their approach to post-traumatic parenting of middle school children. It’s an honest, raw, and insightful conversation that promises to leave you feeling empowered and equipped to face the challenges of parenting head-on. Tune in now!


More about Nik Bowers:

Nik Bowers is an author, speaker, and parent educator who has taught students from elementary to college. She loves middle school and created a middle school from scratch for a private school. She speaks and designs mentoring and social-emotional programs for girls ages 9–18. Nik is currently writing a book with her daughters, “Raising Beautiful Messes.”


Topics covered on Post-traumatic Parenting of Middle School Children:

  1. How to break the cycle and provide a healthier environment for your children?
  2. Nik Bowers’ personal journey from being a victim of child sexual abuse to becoming a proactive parent and educator.
  3. What are the unique challenges and opportunities of post-traumatic parenting middle schoolers?
  4. Teaching middle school children about relationships and setting boundaries.
  5. The significance of open communication between post-traumatic parents and middle school children.
  6. Using challenges as opportunities to teach children valuable life skills.
  7. How can you ensure that your children grow up to be independent problem solvers, critical thinkers, and kind individuals?
  8. Creating an authentic relationship with your children while healing your own trauma.


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