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In today’s podcast episode, I delve deep into the world of parts work therapy with the incredible trauma therapist, author, and parts work expert – Ilyse Kennedy. Ilyse’s area of expertise lies in working with complex trauma, and she has helped numerous parents unpack their trauma while parenting their children.

In this interview, Ilyse sheds light on the concept of parts work therapy, which involves identifying and addressing different parts of yourself. She also talks about the importance of parts work therapy and how it can help post-traumatic parents navigate the challenges of parenthood. Tune in as we discuss the unique struggles post-traumatic parents face daily, the pitfalls of social media’s idealized versions of motherhood, and how to embrace your authentic qualities as both an individual and a remarkable parent.


More about Ilyse Kennedy:

Ilyse Kennedy (she/her), LPC, LMFT, PMH-C, SEP is a trauma therapist, author, and group practice owner located in Austin, TX. She specializes in working with complex trauma throughout the lifespan but has expertise in parents unpacking their own trauma while parenting their children. Her book, “The Tender Parts” was released in November and is a book for those looking to more deeply explore their inner world and understand their trauma through “parts work” therapy. She also has a large social media presence with her Instagram, @Movingpartspsychotherapy, that provides mental health education and insight.


Topics covered on Parts Work Therapy: 

  • Ilyse’s background and experience in trauma and parts work therapy.
  • What is parts work therapy?
  • The concept of self-energy.
  • How does parts work therapy help post-traumatic parents navigate the challenges of parenting?
  • The connection between trauma and postpartum depression.
  • How becoming a parent can bring up unresolved childhood trauma.
  • The challenges presented by the added layer of trauma for post-traumatic parents.
  • The significance of trauma awareness in parenting and the exploration of your own childhood experiences.
  • How does parts work therapy help post-traumatic parents better understand themselves and navigate parenting challenges?
  • The pressure and comparison caused by social media accounts that portray idealized versions of motherhood.
  • The value of recognizing and appreciating your own qualities as an individual and parent.


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