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Postpartum can be tough. Whether you are a new parent or you already have children, you have never done this pregnancy before, you have never adjusted from one baby to two and from two to three. That’s why postpartum recovery might look very different for every one of us. Postpartum shakes, not feeling the rush of maternal love, or feeling incompetent and unsupported, it’s all part of the postpartum journey.


Your body goes through intense experience during childbirth, so it’s important to be kind to yourself. It will take time to adjust to the new period in your life, but it will pass and it will get better. Being post-traumatic just intensifies that experience! I want to normalize this experience for you, that’s why for today’s podcast episode, I invited Chelsea Bodie, the co-founder of Mama Psychologists. Tune in as we talk about postpartum recovery, what you can expect from postpartum, things that most people don’t tell you about, how to set boundaries with your loved one in the postpartum period, and much more!


More about Chelsea Bodie:

Chelsea Bodie is one-half of the MamaPsychologists @mamapsychologists on Instagram. Together with her collaborator, Caitlin Slavens, she has founded a social media community focused on supporting the mental health and well-being of mothers and parents at every stage of their parenting journey. Chelsea and Caitlin are both registered psychologists, parenting experts, perinatal specialists, and the co-authors of the new book “Not Your Mother’s Post-Partum Book”. 


In this episode, we chat about:

  • Who is behind Mama Psychologists
  • Postpartum experiences that aren’t talked about
  • What can you expect from Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Book
  • How to filter through parenting content on social media
  • What are the most common things moms wish they knew about postpartum
  • Why are you experiencing retraumatization symptoms 
  • The importance of validating your feelings and having a community
  • Setting boundaries with friends and family in the immediate postpartum period
  • How did starting Mama Psychologist influence Chelsea’s parenting journey
  • What phases children go through that are completely normal but make parents freak out


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