An Educated Parent
is an Effective Parent

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An Educated Parent
is an Effective Parent

For ParentsFor Schools

Targeted Parenting™ is a non-clinical,
educational intervention.

By learning to understand the child’s unique profile, parents can learn to not only deal with behavioral problems but to turn challenges into strengths.

Based on 15 years of research and development

Applicable for boys and girls of all ages

Learn real, hands-on skills specified for your child’s

Help your child reach his / her potential

How Can Targeted Parenting™ Classes
Help Your Child / Student?

Dear Parents,


If you’re like most parents, you struggle with how to parent your challenging child in an effective manner. The techniques that seem to work on other children don’t work on yours, and that can make you feel like a failure. Targeted Parenting™ was developed to provide you with the tools you need to both understand your child’s unique profile and to deal with it!

Dear Principals,


If you’re like most principals, you are working with a group of mothers who are sometimes misinformed about their children’s needs and how to help them. Often, parents make mistakes, and don’t really take the school’s guidance until the situation is reaching unmanageable proportions. Targeted Parenting™ classes exist specifically for issues like these.


If a child’s challenges are clinical in nature, and doesn’t respond to pre-treatment intervention, such as Targeted Parenting™, The Center For Psychological Growth is here for that child and family.

Confidential Contact Information for the Center for Psychological Growth
Confidential voice-mail box: 732-364-3111
Confidential email address:
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Do Any of these Sound Familiar?

A shy second grader in desperate need of help, but her parents say she’s fine at home?
An aggressive preschool child whose parents are convinced would not act up with a different teacher?
A disorganized fourth grader who is starting to lose friends because the other children get annoyed his mess?

Hack Your Child’s
Greatest Challenges
Into Superpowers!

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